Partnerships with long-term results

We are proud to present some of our partnerships. Some of our shared insights might help you move forward in streamlining your ERP system.

Digitalisation using forms and workflows

By switching from manual routines to automated workflows, we can create a more efficient business model. From forms on paper to digital solutions. We have completed that kind of project for a public authority in Karlstad, using Unit4 as a platform.

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Co-operation with the EU on various missions throughout the world

Askk has an important role in supporting and supplying the Unit4 ERP to various missions around the world. Together with The Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB), we have developed a Unit4 ERP solution optimized the activities on site.

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User-friendly plugin for document export linked to verifications

In public services, it’s quite common to have requests linked to the request of public documents. Askk has developed a smart and easy-to-use product as a plugin for Unit4.

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Support in registry maintenance

When customers have had their Unit4 ERP installation for a long time, customer registers and supplier registers usually need an overhaul. Among other things, this may involve “closing down” customers and suppliers who have not been active for an extended period. Askk has successfully completed this type of project for a wide range of municipal and government clients.