Pressmeddelande: EUAM IRAQ

Since the implementation of Unit4 Business World in EUCAP Sahel Mali during May 2019 the roll out of the UBW- ERP system is on-going. We did another pilot implementation in EUCAP Niger in November 2019 and have continued during 2020 with the (new mission EUAM in the Central African Republic and EU Advisory Mission (EUAM) in IRAQ.

EUAM Iraq is mandated to advise officials of the Office of the National Security Adviser and the Ministry of Interior who are responsible for driving the national reform. The mission regularly conducts visits at regional and provincial levels in support of Iraqi efforts to strengthen countrywide coordination as it relates to civilian security sector reform. The Mission was launched on 16 October 2017 following a request from the Government of Iraq for support. (

Every EU mission has its own specific context being in different countries and with different mandates. Every UBW system roll-out has a different challenge and regardless of the challenges and circumstances we must during the roll-out and go live activities adopt to the mission’s context and deliver a reliable and robust ERP system. During the implementation and go – live activities in Iraq the mission staff was also challenged with moving office and storage locations. But the implementation of the Logistics module as well as the Financial module went very well and according to plan. The cooperation worked very satisfactory regardless of the long distances, on-line support, and due to currant restriction with Covid19 not able to be present in Iraq. With dedicated engagement and cooperation, the UBW system implementation was successful.

Despite the very difficult circumstances during the Covid19 outbreak, travelling ban and many countries lock down the implementation of the Unit4 Business World -ERP system is on-going. Together with MSB, EU and the different mission staff, Askk has continued with the roll-out plan and Phase II. With focused cooperation with contribution and efforts from all involved stake holders the system implementation is on-going and according to Phase 2 in roll-out plan. Changes and adaptations have been made to communicate and support in a new and Covid19 safe way. On-line meetings and communication are something we all had to adapt to very quickly and we are proud to see that the roll-out plan and implementation of UBW is on-going.

Training of new Unit4 Business World – ERP system users has been performed at several occasions. The previous way of training by physically meeting up has been changed to on-line training. The structure of the training is adapted for on-line lectures, common exercises, and individual exercises. Support and feed-back is done both in group and by individual needs. The training participants faced up to the challenge of on-line training and we all realized that it is not the same as meeting in person, but it is possible. On-line training can not replace trainings with physical meeting but it is a good complement and substitute.  Anything is possible when we all just put our mind to it.

We have just finished a very intense training period together with EU, MSB, P2P Hägg Consulting AB, Kvadrat I Stockholm AB with future UBW users from 4 different countries and missions. The training was done for both Finance as well as Logistics EU mission staff. It is very positive to manage to meet on-line and learn from each other, share experiences and challenges. We used a theory often mention as “Flipped Classroom” to involve and engage the future UBW users. The “Flipped Classroom” methodology is an instructional strategy and a type of blended learning focused on student engagement and active learning, giving the UBW trainers a better opportunity to deal with mixed levels, future UBW users individual needs, and differentiated learning preferences during in-class time.

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