Pressmeddelande: EUBAM Libya

Since 2013 the EU Border Advisory Mission (EUBAM) LIBYA have been present in Libya. It is a civilian Mission under the Common Security and Defense Police (CSDP) present in Libya to support the Libyan authorities in improving and developing the security of the country’s borders. It is active support to the Libyan authorities in disrupting organised criminal networks engaged in human trafficking and terrorism, the Libyan Government of National Accord in the fields of border management, law enforcement and criminal justice. Source:


Together with EU, MSB and EUBAM Libya – ASKK have during the month of June -July 2020 implemented EUW -ERP system with the finance and logistics modules at the EUBAM Libya mission. The EUBAM Libya mission operates from both Tripoli and Tunis which includes a great deal of practical challenges on top of the on-going fighting, curfews, power & ICT break ups. The circumstances were not in our favor with the Covid19 outbreak, home offices with fluctuating internet access and security challenges that resulted in lack of access to mission assets. But with a great deal of patience, networking, and cooperation the EUW- ERP system is implemented. 

We are all very impressed with the dedication and focus that moved the implementation forward and ASKK are proud to know that we support the mission with a reliable and stable tool with the UBW-ERP system. 

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